Who you are inspires the future we create.

We are the sum of our parts, and our sum represents the world we’re designing for. Our greatness is exponential when we’re empowered to let our whole selves shine.

It is in our DNA to be a diverse collective of identities, heritage, race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, minds, and backgrounds.

We operate with inclusion at our core and welcome women, parents, people of different nations, races, and ethnicities, persons with disabilities, people who identify as LGBTQIA+, and people at the intersection of these identities to build with us.

We co-create an expansive and equitable ecosystem in which everyone can belong and thrive. Together, we define the future.

Meet The Team

Ana Arriola-Kanada

Founder & CEO
they / them / she / her / ella / elle

Ashley Szukalski

Vice President Experience, Products & Services
he / him / his

Saya Iwasaki

Vice President Design Anthropology & Culture
she / her / hers

Adalberto González Ayala

Vice President AI Architecture & Engineering
he / him / his

Jay Klaphake

Chief of Staff
he / him / his

Sota Okuhama

Director of UX Engineering & Special Projects
he / him / his

Ko Funahashi

Head of Business Enablement & Development
he / him / his

Mie Hommura

Design Program Manager
she / her / hers

Zhaodi Feng

Product Design & Prototyping
she / her / hers

Diana Povieng

Vice President of Narrative, Spatial Computing & Visual Communication Design
She / They

Yutaka Hasegawa

Design & Leadership Advisor
he / him / his

Shane Huang

Product Design & Prototyping
she / her / hers

Nils Lahr

Flux Capacitor Engineer
he / him / his

Current Openings

Currently No Openings

While we don’t have any specifics spots open now, we are always on the lookout for top talent, so feel free to send your CV or portfolio to hello@icmg-next.com